National Hurricane Center

NOAA Hurricane Season Outlook

Dr. Gray's Tropical Page

University College - London  Tropical Storm Season Risk


Alternative Tropical Advisory / Statement Sources

Tropical - Weather - Outlook: NHC  --- WxUnderground

Tropical Weather Discussion: NHC ---  WxUnderground

Marine High Seas Forecasts (NOAA)


Storm Track Maps and Projections

Atlantic Hurricane Storm Tracking

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Tropical Cyclone Page --- Weather Underground - Tropical Page

Stormpulse - (Interactive Plot of Current  NHC Public Statement)

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Cayman Islands Hazard Management Center

Central Pacific Hurricane Center - Honolulu

 Florida State University

Instituto de Meterologia de la Republica de Cuba

NHC Advisories (en Espanol - via IWIN)

Naval Research Laboratory - Monterey

Weather Underground - Tropical Page

World Meteorological Organization - Severe Weather Information Centre

NOAA - Marine Forecast Sources - Map

NOAA - Marine Forecasts by Zone - MAP


U.S. National Weather Service - Local Office Tropical Weather Pages

NWS- Southern Region - Tropical Page

NWSO - Baton Rouge-New Orleans, LA  ---  NWSO - Brownsville, TX

NWSO - Galveston-Houston, TX

  NWSO - Jacksonville, FL --- NWSO - Lake Charles, LA

NWSO - Miami, FL --- NWSO - Mobile, AL

NWSO San Juan, Puerto Rico

NWSFO Tampa Bay, FL --- NWSO - Tallahassee, FL


Local NWS Office - Statements and Advisories


Observed Data

Caribbean Observations & Oceanic Long Range Lightning

Barbados --- Grand Cayman Observations --- Georgetown (Crewe Road)


Caribbean Weather Radars

Belize --- Cancun(MX) --- Cuba --- Dominican Republic --- Grand Cayman

Guantanamo Bay (US FAA) --- Jamaica

Martinique (FR) --- Netherland Antilles (Curacao) --- Puerto Rico (US) --- San Juan TDWR


Surface Analysis / Data Plots

Carribean & Gulf of Mexico Surface Analysis  

Surface Analysis (NHC)- 00Z -- 06Z -- 12Z -- 18Z

Gulf of Mexico & Caribbean Analysis (Cuba)

Gulf of Mexico Surface Analysis (NHC)    00Z -- 06Z -- 12Z -- 18Z

Oceanweather -  Marine Weather Data

Search for Ship-Station Name & Call Sign

Tropical Surface Analysis (NHC) -- 00Z -- 06Z -- 12Z -- 18Z


National Data Buoy Center - Station Information

BUOYS 42001 (180 S of South Pass, LA) -- 42002 (207 E Brownsville, TX) -- 42019 (60 S Freeport, TX) -- 42035 (22 E Galveston, TX)

National Oceanic Data Center - Coastal Water Temperatures

National Weather Service -Gulf of Mexico Marine Weather

Rutgers University - Sea Surface Temperatures

Sea Surface Temperatures (U of Wisconsin)

Sea Surface Temperatures - Web Site List (NOAA)

Weather Matrix


Upper Air Analysis

200 mb Tropical Wind Analysis

850 mb Streamline Analysis

250 mb Streamline Analysis

24 hour/200 mb Tropical Winds Forecast

48 hour/200 mb Tropical Winds Forecast

72 hour/200 mb Tropical Winds Forecast

Upper Level Divergence (CIMSS)

Unisys - Graphic Tropical Data

Wind Shear Map (CIMSS) --- Wind Shear Tendency (CIMSS)

850 mb Relative Vorticity (CIMSS)

(NOTE: Wind shear values less than 10 meters/second are considered

favorable for tropical cyclone development and/or intensification.)

Western North Atlantic GOES-8 Satellite Derived Winds and Analysis (CIMMS)


 Forecast Graphics

 Numerical Weather Prediction Models


Miscellaneous Data Sources

Gary Gray's Millenium Weather - Tropical Page

NOAA - Marine Radiofax Charts & Broadcast Frequency-Schedule

NEXLAB - TPC Products Page

U.S. Navy - Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanographic Center (METOC)

United States Tide Information


GOES Images

Current GOES-13 Visual Image --- Current GOES-13 IR Image

GOES-13 Interactive Tropical Image - Visual --- GOES-13 Interactive Tropical Image -IR

Tropical Sector (VIS) --- Tropical Sector (IR)

Gulf Of Mexico

Eastern Caribbean (VIS) --- Eastern Caribbean (IR)

 Atlantic FULL DISK (VIS) --- Atlantic - FULL DISK (IR)

Tropical Atlantic (WV)

NOAA Satellite & Information Service - Tropical Images

NOAA Satellite Information Service --- NOAA Tropical Loop Image


Additional GOES Tropical Frame Sources

(CIMSS) Tropical Research Page

Meteosat "Graphical Interface" - (U of Nottingham)

TPC Latest Satellite Imagery --- Super Typhoon.COM



NOAA Hurricane Research Division Tropical Weather "FAQ's"

NWSFO Tallahassee, Florida


Tropical Weather Links

University Tropical Weather Sites

Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR)

C.S.U. Tropical Meteorology Project

Dr. Gray's Tropical Page

Florida State University Guide to Tropical Weather Data

  University College - London --- University of Hawaii

LSU Earth Scan Laboratory

Plymouth State College - Tropical Page

Scripps Institute - Tropical Storm Tracks



Miscellaneous Tropical Pages

Alternate Cyclone Forecast Sites (NHC)

Antigua & Barbuda Hurricane Info (Cable & Wireless)

Atlantic Basin Tropical Weather Page

Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorology Laboratory

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center

Canadian Hurricane Centre

Caribbean Hurricane Network

Central Atlantic Storm Investigators

Central Florida Hurricane Center

Fort Lauderdale "Sun Sentinel"

The U.S.A.F. Hurricane Hunters

 Hays' Tropical Weather Pages --- Hurricane City

Hurricane Alley

Hurricane Hunter Photo Album

The Hurricane Page (Caribbean Islands)

Jim Leonard's Hurricane Chasing Page

Lou's Weather Watch

Mid-Atlantic Weather Station

Millennium Weather - Tropical Page

MoreWeather - Tropical Weather Page

National Data Buoy Center

NCAR - GPS Dropsonde Page

 NOAA - Hurricane Research Division

NOAA Hydrometeorlogical Prediction Center- Tropical Page

Ohio State University (Twister)

Oceanweather Inc.

Storm Signals Online

Super Typhoon.COM

Unisys Weather - Tropical Weather Page

U.S. Coast Guard - Storm Center

U.S. Navy Atlantic Meteorology & Oceanography Center

U.S. Navy - Naval Oceanographic Office

Weather Research Center (Houston)

Weather Underground


Historical Information

Florida Hurricane Climatology

Southeastern Texas (Houston NWSO)

Hurricane History (Corpus Christi NWSFO)

Louisiana Hurricane History  --- Texas Hurricane History

The Century's Greatest Hurricanes

NHC History Page --- Virginia Hurricane History


NDBC - Coastal Cman Stations

Port Aransas,TX -- Sabine Pass,TX --

Cape San Blas,FL (vicinity AQQ) -- Cedar Key, FL -- Venice, FL

Dry Tortugas, FL -- Sand Key, FL -- Sombrero Key, FL -- Molasses Reef, FL

Fowey Rocks, FL (Miami area) -- Lake Worth, FL -- San Augustine, FL

Settlement Point, Grand Bahama Island


Southeast Texas - Hurricane Ike - Traffic Cameras

Houston TranStar Regional Camera Map & Flow Status 


  Amateur Radio Tropical Weather Net Sites

National Hurricane Center - Amateur Radio Station - WX4NHC

Carribean Amateur Radio Meteorlogical  Emergency Network (CARMEN)

The Hurricane Watch Net    (14.325 MHZ - USB)

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