It is illegal to operate outside the limits of your class of license or permit.

        All programmed memory data will be lost during the performance of this modification.

        BACK UP ALL DATA before continuing.

1.  Disconnect the power cord and antenna from the transceiver.

2.  Remove the bottom cover (6 screws) from the transceiver.

3.  Locate the green jumper wire (labeled W602) towards the front right side of the PCB.

4.  Carefully cut the wire. If required, insulate the ends of the wire so that they do not make contact with the PCB.

         Do not pull on the ends of the wire as this may lift foil patterns.

5.  Assemble the transceiver. The transceiver will automatically reset when turned on.


        Transmit Operating Range:    142.000 MHz   to  151.995 MHz            420.000 MHz  to  449.995 MHz

The below image (about 3 times actual size) depicts the "green wire" which should be severed in the performance of the CAP/MARS TM-D700 modification.    

Actual diagram furnished by Kenwood for MARS / CAP mod.