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SKYWARN - Walker County, Texas - SKYWARN*

 * SKYWARN IS A SPONSORED SERVICE OF THE National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - National Weather Service (NWS)

Local Products for Walker County are issued by the Houston-Galveston (HGX) NWSFO

Local Weather -

  Forecast Discussions: Houston-Galveston NWSFO  -  Austin-San AntonioFort Worth - Lake Charles - Shreveport

    Walker County  Forecast  Weather  Page (HGX NWSFO)

     Huntsville Airport (KUTS) - Current & Past 24-Hour Conditions - KUTS Tactical Decision Aid


NEXRAD  & Weather Radars & Lightning - Covering Huntsville Area


   Killeen/Central Texas(GRK)  -  Houston/Galveston (HGX)   -  Texas NEXRAD Mosaic -

     IAH - Terminal Doppler Radar  (DWH, Tomball - Auto Updates)

     Corsicana Radar (CORAD Active Only During Severe Weather)

      KBTX Bryan-College Station Radar Loop

     Weather Underground - 4 State Radar Loop

     South Texas - Wide Area Echo Tops (Intellicast) (NCAR)

     HGX  Echo Tops  -  HGX  Storm Relative Motion (NCAR Storm Velocity)

     GRK  Echo Tops  -  GRK  Storm Relative Motion (NCAR Storm Velocity)

     Texas Lightning (blitzortung)

     Lightning - Strike Star

GOES Satellite Image -

NOTE on "Interactive" sites:   Select "Quality 100%" (below image), then click on Walker County area)

     GOES-13 Interactive - Vis - GOES-13 Interactive - IR - GOES-13 Interactive - WV

      North America - Visual - IR - WV


Severe Weather -

     Convective Outlook (SWODY) -   Day 1      Day 2     Day 3

      Current Severe Thunderstorm Watches

      Texas Warnings & Weather Hazards Graphic (NOAA)

      Today's Storm Reports

      Storm Prediction Center - Climotology


Winds -

   Artificial SKEWT Soundings from Aircraft Data  NOTE: Enter Airport Ident.  Ex: KIAH  KCLL  KCRP  KDFW  KSHV

   GRK VAD Wind Profile - HGX VAD WIND Profile

    VAD - Vertical Wind Profile Forecast - NOAA-NWS  ZHU ARTCC CWSU

     NOAA Wind Profiler Network


Miscellaneous -

    APRS - Walker County Traffic   

    U.S. Surface Analysis Map

     12-Hour Forecast Map - 24-Hour Forecast Map - 48-Hour Forecast Map

     CoCoRahs (Home)  - Texas Rainfall Map

   Corsicana Lightning Strike Display

     Texas A&M - Houston LDAR - Real Time Lightning Display

     Hazardous Weather Outlook (HGX)

     SE Texas County Advisory Map  

     HGX Tri-Weekly Screencast Briefing

                                               HGX NWSFO Skywarn Training Schedule for 2014


NOTE: There is now very good coverage of NOAA weather broadcasts in Huntsville on 162.500 Mhz,  with no external antenna requirement.  Modestly priced radio receivers for this service are available at most electronic stores. The "better" of these receivers are capable of decoding the Specific Area Message Encoder (S.A.M.E.) signal for Walker County (Code 048471).  S.A.M.E. equipped receivers are capable of sounding an audible alarm when severe weather or other public safety concerns specifically threaten Walker County.


SKYWARN frequencies used in Walker County include:   442.850 pl 127.3  &  146.860 Mhz pl 131.8,   147.180 pl 136.5

Upon SKYWARN activation, the Houston-Galveston NWSFO will establish a net control operation on the "Saltgrass" link system which has a site in New Waverly, covering all Walker County on 442.725  (pl 103.5)

 Other area  SKWARN frequencies include:  146.820 pl 103.5 (College Station) 147.040 pl 135.5 (Livingston)


Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS)  Precip Map (Select State & County)

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