Saltgrass Link System Repeaters

                                                                          REV: 10-22-2013

Due to the overall system structure utilized and the method in which the various repeater sites are linked together, PLEASE

observe a practice of delaying a minimum of 3 seconds, prior to making successive/follow up transmissions... THANKS!!

Location                        Repeater Frequency                   PL Tone

Alexandria, LA          145.470 + (downtown 160')      173.8  

Anahuac                    444.875  +  WB5UGT                  103.5

Angleton                    147.340  +  WB5UGT                  103.5

Austin                         442.450  +   WB5UGT                 141.3

Baton Rouge, LA    443.100  +  KD5KNZ                    107.2

Brenham                    443.250 +   WB5UGT                  103.5

Bryan                          443.475 +  N5ZUA                        103.5

Cat Springs               444.075  +  WB5UGT                   103.5

Clute                           444.425  +   WB5UGT                  103.5

Columbus                 442.750  +   WB5UGT                   141.3

Corpus Christi        146.854  -    N5IUT                         162.2

Corsicana                 444.775  +  N5ZUA                       100.0

Crockett                     444.225  +   WB5UGT                   103.5

Galveston                  147.040  +   N5ZUA                      100.0

Houston                    146.920  -    (downtown 744’)      103.5

Houston                     443.825  +   WB5UGT(785’dtn)   103.5

Lafayette, LA             443.150 +   (downtown 200')       103.5

LaGrange                   146.800  -   KG5YH                       100.0  

LaGrange                    444.725 + WB5UGT                    141.3

Livingston                  443.125 +  WB5UGT    (440')       103.5

Lubbock                     444.875 +  N5UQF                        162.2

Lufkin                           444.425+   WB5UGT                     203.5

New Waverly               442.725  +   WA5AIR (390’)          103.5

Plum Grove                 444.175 +    WB5UGT (450')        103.5

Rosepine, LA             443.250 +    WB5UGT  (400')       173.8  (Leesville / Deridder)

San Antonio                443.475  +   W5LMX                      162.2

Smithville                    147.200  +   N5ZUA                        203.5

Smithville                    444.300  +  WB5UGT                     203.5

Spring                         442.700 +    WA5AIR  (450')         103.5


Saltgrass Link System

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NOTE:  Have you ever considered much about, "Who and what, is Saltgrass?" It's largely the work, effort (and expense) of a couple of guys, mostly known by the rest of us as "the two Steves". There is no "membership requirement" for using Saltgrass. Instead, it operates as one of the nicest parts of the "stuff" about "Amateur Radio". The repeaters and links we all use, are made up of radios, hard line, antennas and hardware, that all cost money.... and of course, insurance premiums. Some equipment is donated, which greatly helps... but have you thought about the fuel and other vehicle expenses incurred, in order to make a trip out to one of the remote sites? It's easy for the rest of us, to take such expenses for granted... because, it's unlikely you may have ever heard the subject brought by "the two Steves".  Saltgrass is a "user sponsored and user supported" system... meaning in a very real sense, that YOU are part of what makes the Saltgrass system operate.

Many of those using the Saltgrass System have minimum personal resources... and the "nice part" of Amateur Radio is, we know there are many such as yourself... and you are still... and will always be welcome on the system. If you and the many others like you, could offer whatever amount you are capable of providing... without question, the "two Steves" would graciously appreciate it.

"Saltgrass"  operates a bank account under the name of "Saltgrass Link System Amateur Radio Club... and thus if you are able to make a personal donation, please send it in care of:

                                                                          Saltgrass Link System ARC

                                                                           P. O. Box 1086

                                                                           Clute, Texas  77531-1086

I'd also like to mention that the "idea" of soliciting "donations" did not come from the "two Steves"... but from one of the system's most modest users, who will remain anonymous... probably because he'd like it that way...


Ashley - W5LK      



The above repeater and PL tone information is provided from WB5UGT or N5ZUA... and is current, as of the above date.



Other Saltgrass Information Websites (believed not 100% current):



MURS  Unlicensed Open Use Channels (2 watts max)

151.82       151.88         151.94              154.57             154.60


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