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Military Aviation

U.S. Air Force --- U.S. Army Aviation

U.S. Naval Aviation Squadrons



Austrian Air force --- Australian Air Force

Belgian Air Force --- Brazilian Air Force

Canadian Air Force --- Chilean Air Force

Croatian Air Force

Peoples Republic of China

Danish Air Force

Finland --- France

German Luftwaffe --- Greece

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Israel Defence Forces


Japan Air Self Defense Force

Mexican Air Force

Netherlands Air Force --- New Zealand Air Force


Pakistan Air Force --- Portugese Air Force

Royal Air Force (UK)

Russian Aviation Home Page

Singapore Air Force (unofficial) --- South Africa

Spanish Air Force (unofficial) --- Swedish Air Force

Thailand Air Force --- Turkish Air Force


Air Forces of the World 



Military Aircraft Data Base - Military Patches-(Battle Zone Ltd.)


Squadron Pages

The Jolly Rogers

Co C 185th Avn Mississippi ARNG --- 335th Fighter Squadron (F15)


Reference & Museums

Jane's Defence and Aerospace

Naval Air Museum -- RAAF Museum -- U.S.A.F. Museum


Aircraft Links & Associations

A1 Skyraider -- A4 Skyhawk Association

A6 Intruder Country -- A6 Intruder Page

B52 Stratofortress

F4 Phantom -- F8 Crusader

F14 Tomcat -- Tomcat's Corner


F/A18 Hornet --- F22 Raptor

L-19 Bird Dog

List of Veteran's Organization on the WWW

OV-1 Mohawk

P3 Orion

Confederate Air Force

Red River Valley Fighter Pilot's Association

Tailhook Association --Thunder & Lightnings --The Tuskegee Airmen

Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network

Wings of Gold - U.S. Naval Aviation

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