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Anoka County Radio Club & Emergency Services (Minnesota)

Austin Amateur Radio Club & Austin Repeater Organization

Bay Area Amateur Radio Club (Nassau Bay)

Beaumont Amateur Radio Club

Brenham Amateur Radio Club

Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club (SW Houston)

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Amateur Radio Retailers *

* The below listed dealers only consist of businesses I have physically visited and dealt with in my 48+ years of ham radio (and would do again).   

Amateur Electronic Supply (AES) - Milwaukee, WI - (800) 558-0411

Austin Amateur Radio Supply - Austin, TX (800) 423-2604

Electronic Parts Outlet (EPO) - Webster, TX (800) 856-1820

GigaParts - (866) 535-4442

Houston Amateur Radio Supply - Spring, TX - (281) 355-7373

Main Trading Company - Paris, TX (903) 737-0773

Radio City - Moundsview, MN - (800) 426-2891

Texas Towers - Plano, TX - (800) 272-3467

Univeral Radio - Renoldsburg, OH (800) 431-3939

WB0W - Regional Mobil Hamfest Vendor (800) 626-0834



Belton Ham Expo

Texas City - Tidelands Amateur Radio Club

Texas Hamfest / Swap Meet Schedule


Linked Repeater Networks

Armadillo Intertie System (Texas)

Cactus Intertie System (CA, AZ, NM, NV, UT, CO)


Colorado Connection (link system)

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Superlink (MN, ND)

Target Link System (MD, PA, WV)

Tulsa ARC - Wide Area Link System

WB2JPQ Interlink System



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American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

ARRL - West Gulf Division


Cayman Amateur Radio Society (CARS)

Federacion Mexicana de Radioexperimentadores A.C. (FMRE)


International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)

International Morse Code Preservation Society

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS)

Longwave Club of America

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Radio Club de Costa Rica

Radio Society of Great Britain

SETI League

Trinidad & Togabo Amateur Radio Society (TTARS)

Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)

International Listing of National Radio Societies (RAC)


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Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)

ARES - Texas Rio Grande Valley

ARES - Montgomery County (Conroe, Cut-N-Shoot, The Woodlands)


Caribbean Amateur Radio Meterological Emergency Network (CARMEN)

Handi Hams

Hurricane Watch Net - WX4NHC Page - Hurricane Watch Net  Page (14.325 MHZ)

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Minnesota "Skywarn Central" Page

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Skywarn Texas

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OPEK Technologies

Rohn Towers (now Radian)

Sommer Antennas (HF)

SteppIR Antennas

Tarheel Mobil Antennas

Tashjian Towers  (former Tri-Ex associate)


Texas Bug Catcher

Tower & Mast Links (EI8IC)

U.S. Tower



Batteries America (formerly E H Yost) *

Battery Web.com

Discount Two-Way Radio - Batteries

The Battery Station


Packet Radio

Packet Radio (TAPR)

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ARRL - "Travel Plus" CD

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Green Light Labs (GPS TMD-710)


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Palstar (tuners)

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The Wire Man

Tokyo Hy-Power Amplfiers

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Worth-More Electronics (amplifiers)

WOUXUN - (Quanzhou City, Fujian, China) - Windows 7 USB Program Cable Drivers: http://www.wouxun.com/DownView.asp?ID=135&SortID=10

Yaesu - Amateur Radio Division


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Amateur Radio License Plate Info (TxDOT)

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Australian Amateur Radio Page

Battleship Texas Radio Room Restoration Project

CQ East Texas

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Scanner Frequencies - Houston Texas

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4500+ Ham Links (K1DWU)

AkSarBen ARC (Omaha, NE)

Amateur Radio Resources (G3YCC Yorkshire, UK)

BIG Links List - (North San Francisco Bay, CA  ARC)

Denver ARC

HF Antenna Links (Chesapeake, MD ARS)


Automatic Radio Programming - Now a real possibility!

If you own one of the new model VHF/UHF dual band mobile radios and have fully programmed it, you have invested a good deal of time. As an "idea"... I am trying to see how widespread the interest might be, for individuals to share their respective programming files. This could be a real "gold mine" for folks who buy new radios... and/or travel from one metropolitan area to another. (I am seeking program information from the Dallas/Ft Worth, Des Moines, Kansas City, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis/St Paul and San Antonio areas for a Kenwood TMD-700A).

The below files are for a fully programmed Kenwood TMD-700A to be used in southeast Texas. It contains the vast majority of 2-meter and 440 repeaters for the Houston area... including the entire SALT GRASS link system, along with PL tones and display names... in addition to all NOAA weather frequencies, aviation emergency and CTAF frequencies and common Texas DPS frequencies.

This same concept could be done for Icom and other radios for a variety of locations. If you've done an outstanding job in programming your radio for the metro area you live in... then email the data file to me and I'll place it on the site! There will be no fee of any kind (along with a mandatory agreement to a "hold harmless" clause), to be associated with this service. It is my understanding that the Icom software and cables must be purchased from a dealer, for approximately $100.

You will need to download the FREE Kenwood software for the TMD-700A here. The TMD-700A interface cable is a standard DB9 Serial "thru" cable, such as is used for a Serial cable extension (Verify and/or check and see if you may need a cable gender adaptor (Radio Shack $6.95). If your PC or laptop does not have a serial port, you may need to purchase a Serial-USB adaptor cable (available at stores such as Best Buy), for around $30. Kenwood TM-D700A Mod

The below files include all known / identified repeaters for each state... including the repeater offset, PL tone and display name. All of this information will AUTOMATICALLY be programmed into a TM-D700A, when using the above FREE Kenwood software. Repeaters are listed in order of ascending frequency. Where two repeaters exist on the same frequency, a repeater which has a PL tone will be listed first. Where two repeaters are listed on the same frequency, multiple repeaters with PL tones required separate listing. Where a large metro area repeater may have been reported in the referenced data base... and no PL tone was provided, in many cases it is not included in these files. Likewise, most repeaters which were listed as "closed", are not included here. Display names often utilize the associated airport 3-letter identifier in the interest of saving space. (I am an FAA air traffic controller). Most states also have primary airport ATC and emergency frequencies listed. (The listed UHF frequencies are generally used by military). ALL VHF NOAA weather broadcast frequencies are provided in each file... and have been "locked out" so as to not lock up the receiver during scan mode.

To save the SE Texas / Houston TMD-700A program file, RIGHT CLICK on TMD-700A Houston set-up program data (14 kb) and use the "SAVE AS" command to store the data where you can locate it for retrieval and use with the Kenwood software.

Right Click and use "Save As":

Southeast Texas TH-D7AG data -- Minnesota TH-D7AG data -- South Dakota TH-D7AG data -- Marine & Railroad TH-D7AG data

Southeast Texas TM-D700A data -- North Texas TM-D700A data (Includes Panhandle)

Colorado TM-D700A data -- Iowa TM-D700A data -- Kansas TM-D700A data -- Louisiana TM-D700A data

Minnesota TM-D700A data -- Nebraska TM-D700A data -- North Dakota TM-D700A data

Oklahoma TM-D700A data -- South Dakota TM-D700A data -- Wisconsin TM-D700A data

Kenwood Radio File Conversion Software Site(G4HFQ)

"Link-700" - TM-D700A & TH-D7G File Conversion Software (Download)


Amateur Radio - Espionage & Adultery... a true story

Got a comment? ..."Stale" link or frequency report? ...Suggestion for additional service?